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Machine for coating, printing and impregnation with one colour by means of a micro perforated rotary cylinder head.
Ideal to for applications with soaps, inck and lacks for non woven materials.

• Rotary micro perforated Head.

• Blade to equalization the application of resins or soaps as an option.

• Useful Working Width: 1.200 to 2.100 mm.

• Adjustable speed 0 to 50 m./min.

• Rod (Magnetic Management) or metallic squeegee (Pneumatic Management).

• Colour or resins feeding by means a pump.

• Automatic control of the level (color or resin) inside of the printing cylinder.

• Easy adjustment of the squeegee.

• Continuous Washing and Drying.

• Digital Control Panel.

The 5Rc is normally synchronized to a feeding fabric an to a dryer or ramme.

Accessories: fabric feeding and dryer under order.

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