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Air starter A48


With the A48, GALI continues to increase the torque of its starters, now covering more powerful engines. This increase in the torque is achieved by means of an increase in internal reduction. The A48 air starter, with its 640 Nm torque, is generally used for starting internal combustion engines -Diesel, Gas or Fuel- of power ratings from 3.500 to 7.000 kW (4.750 to 9.520 HP).

Its 'Z' the shaped structure allows the incorporations of this starter in engines with complex and reduced side spaces. All the traditionally advantages offer by GALI, with its air rotors and lubrication-free starters, are maintained in this model, such are: pre-engagement system, high acceleration speed, lightweight…

Its high torque and resistance to the adverse atmosphere conditions (saline, humidity, extreme temperature,…) make him the most reliable starter to install in: power plant gent sets, gas turbines, propulsion engines, heavy-duty diesel engines.


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