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Flat printing machines

Flat printing machines

Automatic flat printing machines of advanced technology for high production and big flexibility. Ideal for printing a wide range of products like wooden fabrics, blankets, towels, etc.

• 125 – machines up to 2.200 mm working with.

• 126 – machines up to 3.200 mm working with.

The transversal squeegee system of the GALI MITEX 126 machine, alows diferent and large printing repeats.

The inkers are placed on the lateral sides of the machine, out of the print area, thus avoiding the marks caused by overlapping which frequently occur in longitudinal squeegee machines for continuous fabric.

The individual adjustment in each printing unit are: Squeegee speed by AC drive, lifting/lowering speed of screens, numbers of strokes from 0 to 9, screen position in the 3 directions.

Module of pre-washing and washing by brushes. Squeegees with adjustable pressure for the dry of the blanket.

Accessories: fabric inlet and dryers under order.

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