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Lyoprinter LXP

Lyoprinter LXP

The Lyoprinter LX has been designed with the aid of:

A robust, but light-weight construction, a matter, of course, for GALI equipment and with a first quality valves and instrumentation.

Printing quality

The Lyoprinter LXP ensures:

Regularity of grounds and borders with even dye penetration all over the piece to be printed, thanks to the hydro-pneumatic squeegee stroke and the uniform pressure distribution onto the squeegee-holder (via up to 6 points of pressure).

Perfect repeat and register with exact repetition of all working sequences for each printing cycle, supported by the pneumatic screen securing system.

Precision of contours and profiles even the finest ones of the design, as the squeegee stroke can be performed, to this end, in one only direction.

Sales Network

Gali has a network of agents, authorized workshops and collaborators worldwide: EuropeAsiaAmerica



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