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Legal & Private Notice
Galí reserves the right to monitor any entry to the Web and restrict the access if deem appropriate.
By accessing the Web site you agree the following conditions:

All rights reserved
All information and data included on the Web site is Gali copyrighted.
Gali allows you to download and store this information with the following limitations:

– You are not allowed to manipulate this information and it shall be maintained without any change from your part.
– You shall only use this information for your information and do not deliver to any third party.
– You are forbidden to use this information for your own profit unless with express Gali written permission.

Not binding
The information contained in the Web site is non-binding and subject to change without previous notice.

Any information taken from the Web site must be expressly endorsed by Gali prior to use it.

Use and navigation in the Web Site
Enter and Navigate through the Web site is entirely at your own risk.

Galí declines any responsibility for any possible damage caused to your computer or database by the website or its cookies and links.