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Manifestations & Médias

New corporate video GALI

SMM 2021 – Hamburg, Germany

2-5 of February 2021

Sea Japan 2020 – Tokyo, Japan


One year again, our commercial convention

One more year, we have celebrated our group commercial convention. Gali Group’s managers and commercial agents have met at the group’s headquarters, Gali International at Sentmenat. This meeting is essential to work better as a team, summarize and share the achievements of the last year and state the objectives for the next one. The communication [...]

Incorporation of women in the metal sector

Incorporation of women in the metal sector As we published a few weeks ago, at last we have the interview of the successful case of Rosario Granados in our company Gali International. Rosario Granados, who attended a Metallvallès training through Eurecat (Centro Tecnológico de Cataluña), did some successful practices with us and she became part [...]

Our presence at Marintec China 2019

Our presence at Marintec China 2019 China is one of the most competitive markets, where technology, quality and service is taken into consideration for many projects that are developed there these days. The Marintec China exhibition in Shanghai of this year was a great occasion to meet many of our customers. And was great to [...]

Our presence at SMM India and Kormarine 2019

Our presence at SMM India and Kormarine 2019 This past October has been a very intense month, among other projects our pass, again, by the SMM fair in India and Kormarine in Korea. As has been in last editions, we exhibit with our dealers; in Bombay with Turbo Mot and in Busan with Samsawon. Both [...]

Marintec China 2019 – Shanghai, China

3-6 of December 2019

Standardization committee ATEX in Zagreb (Croatia)

Standardization committee ATEX in Zagreb (Croatia) As we are doing along the last years, we still are participating in the Comite IEC/ISO SC 31M PT 80079-41. This time held in Zagreb from the 30th of September to 3rd of October, where we are contributing with our knowledge on components and general safety transformation for Diesel [...]

Gali at neva 2019

Gali at Neva 2019 We are pleased to have participated in this exhibition among friends. This event is an excellent opportunity to meet with professionals from the sector and show some examples of the latest projects. This year more than 20,000 people attended the event. Thank you to Galina Zukova and Andrey Zukov from LSP to [...]