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Technical stay in Japan. Adjusting the starting sequence of Gali products.

The Technical Director of Gali Internacional, Mr. David Gali, and one of the engineers from the “Components for diesel & gas engines” department, Mr. Miguel Casado, has visited recently Japan for a technical visit.

That has been the second time in 2017 that Gali Internacional has visited the Asian country. And the fact is that the Japanese market is greatly important for the company because of the great number of customers there and because of the continuous development of new technologies related to the diesel, gas and dual fuel engines of which Gali wants always to be updated.

In that occasion, the main purpose of the visit was to attend the starting tests of the engines of two of our important customers, in order to completely adjust the starting sequence of our air starter Gali products. Gali had already made a great amount of tests in the past, since the prototype stage of the engine.

The relation between Gali and our Japanese customers has become more and more important during the course of the last 15 years, and we will do our best to keep a close-knit relation.