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Galí at the SMM 2018

SMM 2018

Two years later we met our clients again in  the SMM – Hamburg, which is the most traditional, also one of the biggest maritime event. People from all over the world gathering along the Elbe river enjoying the German beer and seeking more business opportunities.

The whole commercial team from our different locations: Spain, Germany, France and Italy assisted to this new event to meet and support all our customers coming from all around the world. Also our technical team joined us to learn about the latest technologies showed in this edition of SMM for the marine market.

Gali is a well-known company in the marine market, therefore most of the visitors were already our customers and collaborators.

They were interested in all our products and also in learning more about our latest developments.
For this exhibition we introduced with very good success our “slow turning starting system” for all Diesel, D/F and Gas engines, the definitive solution to prevent expensive cylinder damage. Read more here.

As all the previous exhibitions, our air starter appeared in the engines of our clients in their stands, VOLVO, Lindenberg…

To see more pictures of the exhibition, you can visit the pictures gallery of our website or our Flickr profile.