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Interview to the technical director of Gali International

Along this 2016, Gali International has invested on R&D introducing a new software of design, Solidworks, due to the increasing volume of work.

It was necessary a change and improve our process of work, to answer before the market and offer the correct products at the right time.

In a few months we have reduced 25% the time to design components, we also include more technical information, optimizing the management and speeding up the quotation to the request offer of products.

A great improvement is the management of documentation and control, speeding up the creation of new projects and facilitating compliance with ISO normative.

Now we can create simulations of our designs, allowing us to make more calculations easier and faster, essential for a correct design and to improve answering the after sales problems.

With these changes and improvements we expect on the future to introduce Gali on new sectors and continue with the growing of the company.

If you want to read the complete article, you can download it in the next link or read it directly on the website (only in Spanish).