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Contact form + FAQ

We are looking for people with personal initiative and good technical knowledge. We value the languages skill as well as the ability to work in team. Please send us your CV with your professional experience and other information you might consider important for you.

NOTE: If you have any doubts you can contact us or solve any of your questions in the FAQ section.


How is the selection process structured?

After receiving the CV, we shall contact you if there is a vacancy that fits your professional profile. The process usually consists of a personal interview and, if required, a second and last.

Format to be used to upload attachments?

In PDF format.

How can I access GALÍ?

Through our web contact form in this same section, or through company contact, either by phone or via email.

How is my data protected?

According to Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data, we inform you that by sending your CV and in case you are called to be part of a selection process, all of personal information you provide through your CV or by any other mean generated as a result of the selection process, shall be included in a data file owned by GALÍ INTERNACIONAL, SA in order to use them for further selection processes, creating job notice boards, recruitment and reporting job offers.

What international opportunities does GALÍ offer?

GALÍ offers the possibility to work in other companies of the group (Spain, France, Italy, Germany and China), as well as travelling abroad for work.

Can I work as an apprentice in Galí?

Yes, we are constantly looking for apprentices in our workshops. Please state your interest thereon at your request and we shall contact you.

How to access?

It should be used the general channel, just as rest of professionals.

How is the application process structured?

It is the same as with any other professional, through a personal interview.

What opportunities do I have as a student in GALÍ?

GALÍ offers the possibility to occupy a permanent position in the department, at the end of studies.

Do I have a chance to do an internship abroad?

If interested, please do state it in your application and we will inform you.

It is Galí collaborating with universities?

Yes, we currently have trainee agreement with the UPC and we are open for new collaborations with other schools.

Is it possible to get a salary as trainee?

Yes, the salary will depend on the conditions of cooperation with each university.

How long will be the trainee period?

It will depend on the conditions of each university.