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GALI was founded by Salvador Galí as a mechanical engineering company, under the original name of TALLERES GALI in Barcelona, in La Torrassa district of L’Hospitalet. GALI developed leading products with its own technology, all of them based on the application of compressed air:

  •   Textile Screen Printing Machinery on long table.
  •   Air Starters for Diesel Engines.
  •   Gear Levers and Reduction Levers for Trucks.

The products developed by GALI, as well as the effort and the strong will of the founding team, pushed GALI soon to cross the narrow Spanish borders of that time. Both the Textile Printing Machinery and the Air Starters for Diesel Engines were sold and promoted all over the world, taking a special relevance in the European market.


GALI FRANCE, S.A. was created in Corneilla-del-Vercol, the first company in a European country. This company, by crossing the international border, was created to provide the best service to French customers and support export from Spain.

Currently located in Elne, in the south of France, GALI FRANCE brings its own technology and products to the GALI Group, in addition to continuing with the service and attention to the French market and of its influence.


The Spanish head company, TALLERES GALI, moved to Palau de Plegamans, nearby Barcelona, and adopted the name of TECNIC GALI, S.A.


A year later and following great growth, TECNIC GALI moved again to Sentmenat, adjacent municipality, present situation of the company.


GALI DEUTSCHLAND, GmbH. was founded in Mainz-Kastel continuing international commitment to service and proximity to customers, in this case Manufacturers of Diesel Engines.

Since 1991 it is located in Bingen, near Frankfurt, and also provides technical products to the GALI Group.


GALI ITALIA, SRL. was established in Milan to serve the famous Italian textile printers in the Como area.

Located since 2011 in Cirimido, province of Como, GALI ITALIA serves to customers’ Diesel applications, Textile Printers, as well as ATEX-compliant Italian customers, besides of the development of Textile Technology for the GALI Group.


The leading Spanish company of the group was renamed GALI INTERNACIONAL, S.A., adapting to the reality of center of a small family owned multinational company.


GALI CHINA Trading Company Ltd. was established in Shanghai with the clear desire to be close to our customers of Textile Printing and Manufacturers of Diesel Engines in Asia.


GALI CHINA moved their offices from Shanghai to the new Industrial Park of Runzhou in Zhenjiang. To be closer to our clients and improve our services.

As the same time, GALI FRANCE based in Elne, has invested in the infrastructure. Increasing the surface of the workshop, providing more space for the relevant operations. Also improved the circulation of materials and installed new machinery, to work more and better.