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Group compressors 30 bar 090-260-650-750

Group compressors 30 bar 090-260-650-750

The GALI compressors (30/40 bars) are air-cooled and two or three stages, depending on model, with piston system. The compressors have splash lubrication system and its low speed ensures a better life to the compressor. The GALI compressors are made of cast iron which ensures a better heat exchange and the best mechanical function.

The compressor drive is made by one or more pulleys to ensure a regular speed between 600 and 950 rpm. Each equipment has a water/oil separator and its non-return valve.

Our compressors can be equipped with electric or diesel engines according the installations requirement.

We usually supply our air compressors for ONSHORE and OFFSHORE markets and also we supply to others traditional markets such as hospitals, power plants, ships, supermarkets, etc.

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