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Textile printing machines

Textile printing machines

  • Wet on dry printing system
  • The best quality printing with unlimited amount of colors
  • Maximum precision and flexibility
  • Ideal to print any kind of textile or flat materials: silk, carpet, cotton, lycra, paper, leather, etc.
Maquinaria textil de Estampación

Main Features

Among the different systems textile printers use, the screen printing upon long table is the only one which actually ensures a perfect and uniform quality. This is because it uses the printing principle of wet-onto-dry.

In the past it was operated by hand, but now it is by a carriage moving along the printing table; this system offers:

  • Maximum precision.
  • The best flexibility which regard to runs and the ability to print an unlimited number of colour.

Definitely, screen printing involves the applied arts in the absolutely perfect reproduction of exclusive design.

The screen printing system may be applied to any soft material as well as to hard materials with a even surface, and it is being adopted by and increasing number of any type of fabric from finest silk to tufted carpets for plastic, paper, leather, etc.

Because of more than 30 years of service to printers, GALI is considered to be expert in this trade.

At present, GALI has increased its range of printing machines incorporating flat screen printing machines for high production, roller printing machines of one cylinder for application of soaps and inks for non woven material.


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