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Extender carriage

Extender carriage

The new model of the cloth extending/doffing carriage is a further contribution of to rationalization in screen printing upon long table.

Fully automatic, it is driven by compressed air only and, therefore, any risk inherent in electricity (short circuit, electrocution, etc.) is excluded.

The use of special coatings, plastics and stainless steel ensure resistance to the ambient humidity of printing shops.

The operation is reduced to placing the fabric core upon the support bar, pass the fabric end over the guide bars and push the start-button. For doffing, the working sequence is to be inverted.

Maintenance only requires the oil consumption to be supervised and the oil level to be kept topped-up.


The extending/doffing carriage can be parked at either table end (where the top covering could be renounced to), but as a rule it is removed and placed on a Transporter for eventual use for another table.

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