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Lyoprinter LM

Lyoprinter LM

The GALI LM screen printing carriage offers the possibility of the traditional printing which still stands for nowadays new trends. This allows GALI to respond to the needs of the industry of fashion and decoration, which demands a variety of products of high quality and exclusive designs.

The GALI LM screen printing carriage is suitable for any kind of fabric without the limitation of its composition, density or thickness. The most common applications are the printing on silks (scarves/ties) and upholstery in which quality is the main objective. It is also widely used in the printing of woollen shawls and stoles, lycra for bathing suits, home textiles and other multiple applications.

The GALI technological innovations over the years have substantially increased the performance of the carriage regarding its utilization, speed and precision and at the same time maintaining its high quality final results. The carriage is PLC controlled. The digital control panel is very easy to use and available in different languages: Spanish, English, French, Chinese, Turkish…

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