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Table accesories

Table accesories

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To cover the GALI tables.

As a result, printing is done on a soft surface allowing a better contact for the entire squeegee over the piece thus improving the printing results.

GALI supplies special plastic cover of great resistance to dyes and detergents used during printing.

It also resists the permanent glue for proper fixation of the textile onto the table.

We recommend using glue ATRASOL type.

Heating mantle

An ideal complement for the table is our GALI heating blanket. It ensures a faster colour printing, very much needed in cold or moisture environmental conditions. Our heating blanket is automatic and allows to programme the thermal graduation for the different printing options.

In continuous printing, the approximate power consumption of the thermal blanket is about 0,58 Kw per hour per square meter of the heated surface (valid consumption when settled +15ºC degrees above ambience temperature).
The electrical standard supply is 400V/three-phase.

GALI offers as well the components to cover the table, consisting in a top covering and double felt, ensuring the correct final printing results.