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For maximum precision printing, it is imperative that all of the production equipment, in which the table is a basic element, have to be of optimum quality.

The metal structured GALI table offers not only the adequate rigidity but the following advantages as well:

Corrosion protection.Plate sliders are used to allow the self-correction of the metal structure expansion caused by ambience temperature variations.Easy levelling as per the floor flatness by means of regulating tensors.

Our standard table consists of a modular metal structure and a top covering including a waterproof wooden panel covered with two layers of felt and on top a PVC plastic cover. The rails for the smooth displacement of our machines are incorporated into the table allowing a perfect alignment along the whole table.

As optional, and to get a better quality printing results, we can install our traditional blanket fully electric.

Now GALI also can offer the option to install our table with the steam drying system.

With this option the covering of our table consists of a thin wooden panel and a chamber where all necessary steam pipes are installed. The chamber is covered by a galvanized sheet metal of 3 mm thickness, and on top, we install our felt and plastic cover.

Standar table

Table of steam

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