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Visit & presentation of GALI on the headquarters of Cummins India

We had the opportunity this month to visit Cummins India in their headquarters in Pune. This Campus holds many and very good engineers, that gives support to Cummins Projects all around the world.

We were invited to give a presentation about our products, explain the different solutions of engine starting systems, and share some of our experiences in this field. We are very happy with the experience and was very enriching to answer technical questions and discuss the specifications and performance on the engines.

GALI has a long history working with different projects with Cummins Middle East, and there is a great team in Pune taking care of giving them technical assistance. We had the opportunity to meet them as well.

These visits help us to clear doubts about the starting systems, helping both companies to understand better the objectives, and merging ideas. Every day we find more and more companies setting up research and technology centers in India, where you have very good engineers, hardworking, providing world-class design to projects all around the world.